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In the beginning, we would like to convey our greetings to everyone who engages in artistic activities.
“Ichiuroko”is born as a place where artists can produce, display, sell their art works during their stay. It used to be a nagaya (a traditional Japanese tenement house) where ascetic monks of Seiryuji Temple lived and now remodeled into an artistic space. Ground floor can be used as an atelier or space for display and selling. A loft provides residential space.
We temporarily lease a whole building to short-stay artists.
Tamashima is a port town which was written as “Tamanoura” in the Manyoshu poetry collection, and once became a historical battle field of “The Tale of Heike.” A paper wholesaler, soybean paste factory, and sake brewery were built in the late Edo or early Meiji period and they are still in production.
Do you interest in breathing a fresh sensitivity into this old port town through artistic activities? We offer a friendly welcome to artists who are interested in staying at Ichiuroko.


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