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s 【Access to Ichiuroko】

The public transportation to Ichiuroko from Shin Kurashiki station is limited to either Ryobi Bus or Ikasa Bus lines.
It takes about 7 minutes from the station to the nearest bus stop “Tamashima Chuo-Cho.” Bus fare is ¥170 one₋way.

Taking a taxi from Shin Kurashiki station to Ichiuroko also takes 7 minutes and taxi fare will be about ¥1000.

【Access by car】

It takes about 3 hours from Osaka riding on Sanyo Expressway via Okayama JCT, Kurashiki JCT, and Tamashima interchange.
It takes about 2 and a half hours from Hiroshima riding on Sanyo Expressway via Tamashima interchange.
After getting off Tamashima interchange, you will arrive at Ichiuroko in 15 minutes.

Highway search site:

【Access by airline】

Okayama Airport is convenient if you visit Ichiuroko by an airplane.
It operates regular flights to and from Tokyo (about 10 flights) and Okinawa every day.
There are airport buses connecting Okayama Airport and Okayama Station or Kurashiki Station.
For more details, please check Okayama Airport official website.

Kansai International Airport will be convenient when you come to Japan from oversea.
It takes about 3 and a half hours to Okayama Station by an airport bus and the fare is ¥4500 one₋way.

Airline search site:

【Access by railway】

Okayama Station serves as a hub railway station and operates Shinkansen lines across Japan.
Please get on Sanyo Honsen line from Okayama to Shin Kurashiki Station to visit Ichiuroko (it takes about 20 minutes).

A few Shinkansen lines “Kodama” stop at Shin Kurashiki Station.

Railway search site:

【Access by express bus】

Express bus lines connect Okayama (Kurashiki) Station and several cities.
There are some midnight express bus lines from Tokyo and Nagoya.

Express bus search site:

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